Virtual Training

**Virtual Dog Training – First in Australia**

Virtual Dog Training can work for You.  Our trainers are ready to work with you in the comfort of your own home no matter where you live.  check out our video below.

Work with the best dog trainers in the Business!

Positive Response Dog Training now offers Virtual Dog Training via an online platform on your mobile, tablet or computer.

Virtual training is a great option for those living in regional areas or families who are unable to attend group training sessions at our physical venues.

These sessions are suitable for dogs of all ages and all skill levels.

Everyone receives a comprehensive Course Summary + Training Skills Handbook inclusive of helpful videos, for you to refer to later.

Virtual Group Training

Virtual Private Training

Is Dog Training The Answer?

If you find your pooch is having trouble in any of these areas, our dog training could certainly benefit your dog and you. If they:

• Walk you, rather than you walk them

• Require toilet training

• Won’t listen to your commands of “sit”, “stay”, “come”, “drop”.

• Won’t wait or sit when you are putting the food out

• Are very excitable and jump on everyone and everything they see

• Are frightened around other dogs or people or show separation anxiety

• Constantly bark and upset neighbours and your sanity!

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Should You Choose Group Training Or Private Training?


Group sessions are the right choice for most dogs and their owners wanting foundation obedience and training but one-on-one private training may be required if you:

• Are not confident you can control your dog in a group situation

• Need to combat specific issues such as separation anxiety, aggression, toilet training etc.

• Own a dog that is not suitable for classes

• Are unable to commit to group classes

• Wish to involve young children in training with the family dog

Please feel free to call us and discuss the best option to suit your situation.

Client testimonials

I have recently completed all ages part 2 with our 18 month old Golden Retriever, Ollie. He learned how to ‘stay’ on his mat and we have learned how to handle him when he gets over excited when guests arrive. I used to dread people coming over because he was so hard to handle. Everyone has commented how much calmer he is and I’m more relaxed when I’m expecting visitors. He also comes when I call him now because Dee recommended changing my signal as he mostly ignored me when I called him. He enjoyed the 1:1 time with me and had a big smile on his face on the way home. Looking forward part 3!

Leigh-Anne Phillips Avatar Leigh-Anne Phillips
August 6, 2020

We decided to have three private sessions during Covid so the whole family could come along. Shelley was great with our pup, Frankie and all of the kids as well. It is clear she is a master of her trade. We will be back for some more follow up training.

Katherine Mok Avatar Katherine Mok
November 27, 2020
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