Puppy Training Courses

New puppy and need help with:

  • Biting and chewing issues
  • Poor toilet habits and sleep issues
  • Not listening or understanding you
  • Frustrated with their boisterous behaviour and endless energy
  • Just want to train appropriate obedience cues
  • Want to end up with a well trained young adult you can walk and take anywhere

Help is at hand

Take advantage of our:

Various courses around Brisbane


Our comprehensive easy to work with step by step Virtual Puppy Course.

Guaranteed extensive force free programs with national qualified staff to address your concerns.

Puppy School is a must not a maybe for all puppies from 8 weeks of age as supported by the AVA (Australian Veterinarian Association)  and renowned Veterinary Behaviourist Dr Kersti Seksel. 

It’s never too late! If your puppy is over 6 months of age, simply join our Older Puppy &  Young Adult Dog School

Training sets your puppy up with foundation life skills (much like children in kindergarten) and teaches you, the guardian, how to use positive methods to condition good behaviour around family, friends and public places.

Group classes are a great way to teach good manners with basic obedience, and includes safe and appropriate socialisation.

They are conducted in safe vet approved areas in a variety of locations around Brisbane for your convenience.

ONE basic Puppy course is ONLY enough to cover ONE developmental stage of your puppy’s life. To maximize your puppy’s learning potential and to ensure you create good life habits, it is important to note that it takes a minimum 18 months of consistent training to end up with a well-developed skill set and create harmony at both ends of the lead.


Where do I start? Where can I go?