Harmony Harness

Dog Walking Harness, Reduce Pulling

Our Award-Winning Harmony Harness

The Harmony Harness gives Instant control and power steering for your dog.
The best dog walking harness you will ever need. 
This dual front and back-loaded harness is an original designed and tested by trainers.
See the harness in action here!
Reduces or Stops pulling almost instantly.


  • A variety of sizes that fit your dog comfortably

    harmony harness

  • Made to measure for unique sizes
  • Re-trains dogs to walk by your side
  • Easily used with a car connector to secure your pet whilst traveling
  • Extends easily to grow with your pup
  • Comes with a double ended lead (2.2m)
  • Colours include: purple, blue, red, maroon, forest green, gold, coffee, pink
  • Australian Made
  • Machine Washable

How to Purchase a Harmony Harness

Option 1 – Enrolled in class.
  • Pre-order, pay online and your order will be taken to your class and fitted.
  • You can purchase on the day without pre ordering.
2nd Option – Order online – live in Brisbane and want a fitting.
  • You are not  a client, live in Brisbane and would like a fitting. Please order online and confirm your appointment time
3rd Option – Order Online
Online ordering
Please note that whilst all care is taken in fitting your puppy/dog, we cannot however determine growth rate/size of young growing puppies.

The harness sold is only an estimation of sizing.

Order your Harmony Harness and lead combo by clicking on the link https://www.positiveresponse.com.au/product/harmony-harness-combo/

How to Fit

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harmony harness fit


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