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Welcome to the Positive Response Dog Training Online E-Learning Courses.

Your online E-Learning Dog Training Courses portal is here!

Our team has worked hard to create programs to assist you and your dog.

Our courses are designed by the best qualified Australian trainers to set your dog up for success.

Your journey with your dog is unique!

We have you covered no matter what your looking for.

If you are experiencing behavioural issues, leash reactivity or simply would like to learn general obedience Positive Response have a variety of courses tailored just for you.

Progression to assistance or therapy programs, animal first aid, scent work, or just general refreshers for your dog.


Regardless of your dog’s age, previous training, skill set or training goals our programs have been developed to set you and your dog up for success from start to finish.

Working at your dog’s pace, there are a host of exercises you and your dog will cover.

You will develop a skill set with your dog that will create a solid foundation for life.

Every E-Learning Online Dog Training Course consists of a combination of text, videos and quiz lessons to follow step-by-step at your own pace.

You can book additional services such as a one on one virtual session with one of our qualified and experienced trainers.

On completion of your course you will receive a certificate of participation.


What outcomes could I expect from completing an online course?

To empower you with the knowledge and tools and provide you with the resources to gain valuable skills. Consistent practice will optimise your training and help you create:

A Well-Behaved and Obedient Dog.

You will gain the knowledge and skills to train your dog/s to be well-behaved and obedient.

Learn effective techniques to address common behavioral issues and establish a foundation of good manners in your dog/s.

Strong Bond and Communication.

Build a strong and trusting relationship and improve communication with your dog/s.

Understand your dog’s body language, needs, and desires, fostering a deeper connection, respect and mutual understanding.

Essential Training Commands.

Master essential training commands such as sit, stay, come, and leave it.

Commands are not only important for safety but also enable you to have better control over your dogs in various situations.

Embrace Problem-Solving Skills.

Develop problem-solving skills to address specific behavioral challenges you may be facing with your dog/s.

Whether it’s leash pulling, reactivity, or anxiety, (just to name a few); become better equipped with effective strategies to overcome these issues. This will enable you to create a more harmonious home environment and away from home experiences.

Positive Training Techniques.

You will learn positive training techniques that focus on rewards and motivation. Gain the confidence to train your dog/s effectively while maintaining a positive and loving relationship.

Improved Socialisation

The course/s will provide guidance on how to socialise your dogs appropriately, helping them become more comfortable and well-adjusted in various social settings.

This includes interactions with people, other dogs, and different environments.

Enhanced Training Skills.

You will develop your own training skills which allows you to continue teaching your dogs new behaviors and tricks beyond the course.

You will have the tools and knowledge to adapt training methods to your dog’s unique needs. The variety of courses will maximise your experience and you will gain Confidence and Empowerment.

Access and Support.

All updates will apply across the field and you will have instant access to course materials and any additions.

Access to one of our qualified trainers via zoom is available and as a VIP a coupon discount code will be created just for you.

By investing in yourself as your dog/s personal trainer, not only will you achieve your goals and dreams, your dog/s will also enjoy and embrace the learning experience and positive transformations together.


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