Adult Dog (Part 1) - 8 months +

Does your dog:

  • Pull you down the street when walking?
  • Have selective hearing or ignore you?
  • Not come when called?
  • Bark for attention?
  • Chew everything in sight?

Take ACTION today!

This course has been designed for dogs 8 months and over who may have missed out on basic obedience skills or just need some extra training and a chance to socialise by working around other dogs.

Adult dogs receive the basics of good manners and we look at general behavioural issues that have set in. As with any course, the more training an owner puts in, the better their dog becomes at understanding and complying with their owner’s requests.

(Please note: If your dog has storm phobias, separation anxiety, severe resource guarding, is jumping fences or barks, growls or lunges when it sees another dog, your dog is not suitable for classes.) Private training is required.

(Entire male and female dogs (not de-sexed) (See Our RulesMUST have an assessment prior to being enrolled in any of our classes). Book Now.

Course Information

  • Suitable for dogs 8+ months
  • Four-week course
  • Each class runs for 1 hour and 15 minutes
  • Management tools and solutions for  minor behavioural problems including but not limited to: barking, jumping, mouthing, digging, pulling on lead
  • Teach your dog to: answer to their name, walk on a loose lead, come when called and other basic obedience exercises
  • Strategies for home alone dogs – extra mental stimulation and activities to keep your dog calm, tired, quiet and relieve boredom
  • Help your dog learn to settle and be calm around people they don’t know
  • Learn to read and respond appropriately to your dog’s body language
  • Build a trusting and responsible relationship with your pet
  • Live harmoniously with your pet in a way that suits your lifestyle
  • Caters for whole families (see Our Rules regarding very young children)

Course Materials Provided

  • Comprehensive online notes
  • Week to week video Tutorials
  • Certificates of Graduation
  • Telephone and email support throughout class

  *** NOTE: Video tutorials and notes are for client use only and must not be distributed to anyone. Any breach of these terms may result in legal action.

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