1 Hour Personal Training Session

(At Our Venue Or In Your Home)

These one hour sessions have been designed to compliment current training and to resolve less complex issues. We have listed scenarios below as a guide to booking into these sessions. Many of these will cross over and can be trained either at home or at one of our venues.

Training At Our Venue

  • Have completed classes and your dog needs more specific training on  a problematic behaviour such as jumping, walking. coming when called
  • You have completed prior classes with positive response and need some specific assistance with training
  • Your dog is very shy, reserved and needs a desensitisation session
  • Introducing a new dog to your current family dog prior to going home
  • Full walking/training session
  • Training an assistance dog

Training In Your Home

  • Toilet training issues for puppies or adult dogs
  • Your dog is uncomfortable with visitors – either reactive to visitors when they enter the home or shy’s away, is nervous and growls.
  • Introducing a puppy to a new home – setting up prior and after puppy comes home. Bringing a puppy into the home can be very stressful on the family and the new pup. Families with children can also have more issues with biting, jumping and the puppy being afraid of the kid/s (or vice versa).
  • Bringing home a new adult dog can be  a difficult transitional period for both the dog and its new family members.
  • Have completed classes and have obedience issues at home such as not coming when called.
  • Pool safety and learning to swim for your four legged friends.
  • In class for basic training and have a specific home issue that needs addressing.

Please note that your consultation is based around the information you provide us with. There is no such thing as a quick fix. Your dog may require multiple sessions and/or specific products to assist in the modification plan. 

***Travel Fees and Toll Charges may apply, click here to view***

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