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Meet our Staff at positive response, read about them and their qualifications.

We have trainers on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

Qualified Professional Trainers. – (Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services – 2000)

Dee Scott is our Master Trainer.

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Business Owner

Meet Our Team- Dee

Name: Dee Scott

Status: Business Owner / Master Trainer

Why Create Positive Response?

I have always had a passion for animals and training from a very young age. Moving to Canberra I started a long public service career and as a hobby, joined the local pony club and the companion dog club as an instructor and competitor. Training and competing in both, life seemed complete. In 1998, I won a position with AQIS as a detection dog handler and moved to Victoria. It was a fulfilling career working with scent detection dogs and with my passion for teaching and competing, I joined the first positive dog training club in Keillor.
Positive Response was born in Melbourne as a part time venture to serve the further need of the community. Moving to Brisbane the business grew rapidly from a small part time concern to what it is today. As someone who has grown up in business and customer service, I recognized the need for quality professional trainers within the Brisbane area and have developed a fantastic team of trainers. The business has been approved to train assistance dogs under Guide Hearing and Assistance ( GHAD) since 2018 and the trainers all have a variety of experience across a wide range of mental health and wellbeing.

Highlights of My Career:

  • Worked as a Quarantine Detection (sniffer) dog Handler at Melbourne International Airport with my detector dog Phantom and training other handlers and their dogs. “Watching Border Security is exactly what my average day in the office was like”.
  • Competing and winning in obedience with my dog Isaac
  • Teaching in many obedience clubs over the years
  • One of the first to introduce FLYBALL, a fantastic dog sport, to Australia whilst living in Canberra
  • Appeared on The Bert Newton Show and Channel 9, and in many local newspapers and editorials.


  • Approved Guide Hearing and Assistance Dog Trainer (2015)
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (2019)
  • Certificate IV in Dog Behavioural Training (2000)
  • AQIS Detection Dog Handler (2000)
  • Companion Dog Club Level 1 Trainer (1992)
  • Pet Dog Ambassador Assessor (PPG)
  • Apply First Aid (Kept Current)


  • 100 Faces Of Small Business Recognition (2018)
  • Paws and Claws Awards – Top Trainer (2011)
  • Paws and Claws Awards – Greatest Pet Product (2011)
  • Paws and Claws Awards – Top Trainer (2010)
  • BA Awards – People’s Choice ( 2010)
  • Paws and Claws Awards – Greatest Pet Product (2010)
  • BA Awards – Best Home Based Business (2009)


Name: Shelley Fellows

Status: Qualified Delta Professional Dog Trainer

What led you to Positive Response?

I have always had a passion for working with young children and animals. After graduating high school, I pursued a profession as a teacher, and worked in the education industry for almost a decade. My work life was almost complete; however I still had this active passion for animals and felt that I could integrate two careers somehow. I began researching different roles within the animal industry and fell in love with the behavioural aspects of dog training. I met Dee in 2010 and she mentored me as I furthered my education through the Delta Training Program. I have since completed in house and external study for recognized qualifications and professional development within the industry.

I conduct Private Training consults where behavioural modification programs are developed to reflect the complex needs of dogs and their families and work closely with Veterinarians and Veterinary Behaviorists’ where required to ensure the best outcome for clients.  My specialist services within the industry are reflected by my knowledge and experience in working with both children and animals. I assist breeders and new puppy families to incorporate and sustain habituation and training programs, where positive child-dog interactions are developed through appropriate activities and training. This creates harmonious living for all family members.

Further professional development has enabled me to train psychiatric service teams to Public Access Testing level, where handlers are able to experience the full physical and emotional benefits of having their dogs assist them in all aspects of their lives. I specifically enjoy helping children learn and grow with their Service Dogs and witnessing the rewards that they and their families reap.  I have a strong development in mental health and a personal understanding of the needs of my service teams.  This work is conducted under Guide Hearing and Assistance Dogs Act 2009.

My work is complex and ever-changing; I thrive on challenges and am fulfilled in my career. I continue to undergo constant professional development within my field to further my skills as a trainer.


  • Emotional Coaching Course Completion (2018)
  • Behaviour Management Parenting Course – 1,2,3 Magic (2018)
  • Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services (2015)
  • Certificate IV in Children’s Services (2002)
  • Senior First Aid and CPR (Kept Current)
  • Animal First Aid (Dogs and Cats)
  • Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety

Name: Jill Seymour

Status: Qualified Delta Professional Dog Trainer

What led you to Positive Response?

I have a passion for working with children and adolescents and have had a long career as a Special Education Teacher and a Secondary School Guidance Officer.  I worked extensively with students with behaviour problems, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual Impairments and Physical Disabilities. The insight into meeting individual needs led me to developing programs using reinforcers to engage young minds. One very effective method was to take one of my dogs to school with me and this was a major motivator for less engaged students.

The desire to meld teaching and dog training together was strong and led me to volunteering in the Happy Paws Happy Hearts program at the RSPCA.  This then led me to further my skills by enrolling in a Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services course through Delta Society Australia.

I am now able to put my knowledge and experience in teaching and working with behaviour working with Positive Response and enjoying the challenge immensely. This also includes training clients who require service dogs. As a GHAD trainer I find it fulfilling to see clients reach their goals and how assistance dogs can change lives.


  • Ed Counselling
  • Grad Dip School Counselling
  • Grad Dip Teaching
  • App Science
  • Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services
  • Senior First Aid and CPR Certificates
  • Qualified Delta Professional Dog Trainer

Name: Kate Jardine


What led you to Positive Response?

I have worked with dogs in the dog behaviour industry for 10 years, having qualified as a vet nurse in 2003, and in recent years have broadened my knowledge to work and train dogs for the assistance dog program. Having a hearing impairment myself, I have taught my beautiful kelpie to also be my ears around my home.

I am excited to be working with a group of people who share my enthusiasm for training, to assist homeowners in forming a closer bond with their family dogs but also to improve people’s quality of life through training and accrediting assistance dogs.


  • Veterinary Nursing Certificate IV  -Ultimo TAFE 2003
  • Trauma Informed Care – Pheonix Australia Organisation 2023
  • Certificate in Dog Psychology and Training – The Career Academy 2020



Name: Alex Parkes’AJ’

Status: Qualified Delta Professional Dog Trainer

What led you to Positive Response?

I have always had an interest in behaviour and spent most of my career working with children and teenagers. With a  deep desire to know how the brain functioned; how people worked and why, it was this same passion and curiosity that saw me transition into the animal industry.

My second child has a rare medical condition and in training my whippet up to alert as a medical dog for my son, I met shelly from Positive Response Dog Training. She encouraged me to apply for a position and I am excited to be on board and share my passion and knowledge.


  • Cert IV in Youth Work
  • Qualified Delta Professional Dog Trainer
  • Diploma of Youth Work
  • Advanced First aid & Advanced Resuscitation

Name: Rikki-Lee Clark

Status: Trainer and Office Administrator

What led you to Positive Response?

Growing up I’ve always had a love for Animals and was fascinated with how we communicate with them. Once I left school and worked for a while I realized that Animals truly is something that continues to put a smile on my face throughout my life and I’d be Silly to not Pursue something so worth while.

I had just completed a Cert 3 in animal Studies through Tafe whilst volunteering also at AWL working with Dogs. Whilst trying to Look for new work in the Animal Industry I was granted the opportunity to work for Positive Response Dog Training to work my way up to being a Dog Trainer. I’m beyond excited to begin my Journey here at Positive Response and help people learn how to better understand and communicate with their Beloved Pets.



  • Cert 3 in animal Studies
  • Volunteer Work at AWL
  • Currently studying Cert 4 animal behaviour
  • Administration Experience
  • Dog Sitting/Walking Experience

Name: Kira Ballantyne

Status: Administration

What led you to Positive Response?

I have always loved animals and after a trip to Australia Zoo I knew I wanted a future working closely with them. In 2020 I got the opportunity to do work experience at Australia Zoo which grew my love for animals and my passion for caring for and training them.

Last year I had the pleasure of doing work experience with Positive Response Dog Training, it was such a great experience and I learnt so much. I recently contacted Dee and found they were looking for a new administration assistant and jumped at the chance. I am excited for this opportunity and am working towards a future as a dog trainer.

I have always admired a dogs ability to learn and help their owners and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to help others grow closer with their dogs.


  • Certificate 2 in Health Studies 2020
  • Work experience Australia Zoo 2020 (Feeding, cleaning, enrichment)
  • Year 12 completed 2023
  • Work Experience Positive Response 2023

Name: Jayda Huysing


What led you to Positive Response?

I have always had a great love and interest in animals. I studied Veterinary nursing in 2014, and in 2015 I started working full-time as a veterinary nurse. In 2017 I started teaching puppy school, and it continues to be the highlight of my job! I have grown and learned a lot in my time as a vet nurse, and continue to enjoy looking after patients, working together as a team and learning more about animal behaviour every day.

With the arrival of my own puppy a few years into my career, I was eager to learn as much as possible about dog behaviour. This led me to further study with the Delta Institute, where I am completing my Certificate IV in Animal Behaviour and Training.

I met Dee and was introduced to Positive Response Dog Training, commenced placement in July 2022 and have been overjoyed to teach classes since April 2023. I enjoy meeting families and their canine companions, facilitating the human/canine bond and teaching dogs (and their people) using positive reinforcement.


  • Cert 4 Animal Behaviour and Training through Delta Association

Name: Holly Bree


What led you to Positive Response?

I came across Positive Response Dog Training when I was looking for some training for my own dog.

I have always had a passion for the animal industry and this was confirmed whilst working privately with my own dogs issues.

I was offered an opportunity to complete work experience with the company and found the work invaluable. I learnt so much within a short period of time and the support from the staff has been incredible.

I have fostered dogs and cats, volunteered at the RSPCA and at a horse stable and my passion for animals has given me a clear pathway. I am currently studying my cert IV in Animal Behaviour and also a certificate IV in vet nursing to gain skills required to further my career and full fill a dream to become a behavioural dog trainer.


  • Cert IV in Animal Behaviour (working towards)
  • Cert II in Animal Studies
  • Cert IV in vet nursing (working towards)
  • Cert III Business Administration

Name: Jess Lewis


What led you to Positive Response?

I have always had an affinity with dogs. and as a young person would come home with strays all the time much to my parents dismay. I started volunteering at our local animal rescue, and my parents would see new pictures of “my favourite” dogs every day. In the 4 years I worked there, only one baby came home with me and I shared my life with her for 13 years.

I have an interest in psychology and animal behaviour, trying to learn as much as I can all the time about how our fur babies can get the most out of their lives! I was initially studying wildlife sciences in University and working at Australia Zoo. My working life changed when given an opportunity to work in a Government role that i have been enjoying for the past 13 years.

I decided to take up study again and am now working towards my Cert IV in Animal Behaviour and Training and Positive Response Dog Training provided me with the chance to have placement through them. I loved every second of training classes and am now a trainer as well, Cannot wait to meet all of your fur babies soon🐶🐶


  • Certificate IV in Animal Behaviour and Training
  • Senior First Aid and CPR Certificates
  • Volunteer work at Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge
  • Emergency and Disaster Response

Name: Carmen Robaldo


What led you to Positive Response?

I became interested in dog training when my family and I became foster carers for a rescue group in 2016.

In 2017  I took on a palliative care foster and joined a dog club for some training. My interest peaked and I became a volunteer obedience instructor for the club in 2020.

I found Positive Response on Facebook and started to follow their page because the information they provide and the type of training aligned with what I practice.

I enjoy watching the bond that strengthens between owner and dog through dog training so when an opportunity came up to work with Positive Response as a dog trainer I contacted them immediately.


  • Associate Degree in Psychology
  • Certificate 3 Animal Care Services – Studying currently

Name: Hayley Greenwood


What led you to Positive Response?

Growing up I have always had a passion for animals. My mum was a groomer for over 25years so I spent my childhood in the vet clinics and salons before she bought a salon of her own, Where I worked after school and weekends.

I would Assist with dog walking and pet sitting from a young age and I loved spending my time with animals learning from them and watching them grow. I am very confident around dogs and have worked for dog daycares with high number of attending dogs a day.

I have loved working with all breeds, While doing basic obedience through previous jobs I found my true passion in wanting to work with and train dogs as a career. Id love to be able to help some troubled/reactive dogs see the brighter side of life.  I will be furthering my knowledge in studies around animal behaviour and training and am very excited and proud to be a part of the team at Positive Response Dog Training.


  • Grooming and Doggy Day Care Experience
  • Monitoring and Assisting large groups of dogs (puppies to adults)
  • Dog Walking Experience
  • Pet Sitting Experience

Sydney Trainers

Name: Domineque Hone

Status: Qualified Delta Professional Dog Trainer

What led you to Positive Response?

My passion for animals and animal welfare started as a child. In 2006 I travelled to Europe and settled for a few years in Ireland. It was here that I began to pursue my dream of working with animals and animal welfare, having been provided an opportunity to work with the Dublin Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (DSPCA). I stayed with DSPCA for approximately four years, working with all kinds of animals, from the sick and injured to the unfortunate dumped ones left behind by their owners.

When I returned home to Australia, Sydney, I immediately volunteered my time with RSPCA. With a confident passion for working to improve the lives of animals I committed to a career which provided me an avenue to pursue this goal. To further enhance my career, I enrolled in the Delta Society Australia Certificate IV –in Companion animal training and Behaviour.

While completing the two-and-a-half-year course I was employed as the manager and trainer in a dog day-care in Sydney, while also volunteering as a trainer at the Eastern Suburbs Dog club in Centennial park each Sunday morning to extend and build on my experiences.

After completing my certificate in 2009 I started my own dog walking and training business in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, building a reputation as one of Sydney’s preferred positive reward-based trainers before moving to Brisbane in 2018.
My passion and goal as a Behavioural trainer are to help people better understand their dogs and their behaviours and to teach them to build strong connections and trust.

I have also had the great pleasure of volunteering my time to work with Taiwan’s endangered Formosan Bears that has given me invaluable experience alongside training other animals such as chickens, cats and goats.


  • Terry Ryan’s Advanced Criteria and Cueing Chicken Camp 2017
  • K9 Nose work 2016
  • Certificate of Excellence for Living & Learning with Animals – The Science & Technology of Behaviour Change – November 2015
  • Completed Dangerous Dogs Assessing and Handling: Steve Austin 2013
  • Terry Ryan’s Chicken Camp 2013
  • Nose work at Australian Canine Sports and Training Centre 2013
  • Delta Society Australia Certificate IV in Companion Animal Training and Behaviour 2013