About Positive Response Dog Training

About Positive Response Dog Training

Our Motto:

A dog is for LIFE – not just LIFESTYLE!


About Positive Response Dog Training!

Positive Response was created by Dee Scott.

Dee is a nationally qualified trainer, with over 30 years of extensive experience in the dog world. Her vision and passion is to assist and educate people to get the best out of their pets providing Dog and Puppy Training

In 2005, the business was created as a small, part time venture with just the owner Dee operating it. Classes were run on a Saturday only.

The business HAS GROWN rapidly and has expanded to what it is today.

An Award Winning business with a team of amazing, experienced and fully qualified staff providing a variety of training options for our clients. Our business has always used reward based and force-free training methods only.

Force Free Training is NOT just about food!

Operant conditioning – as it’s known – is a method of learning that occurs when an animal makes an association between a behaviour (sit) and the reward (food, toys, pat).

The reward helps to increase the animal’s behaviour so that it earns as it learns.

There are examples of operant conditioning at work all around us such as children completing homework to earn a reward from a teacher, or employees finishing projects to receive praise or promotions.

In these examples, the promise or possibility of rewards causes an increase in behaviour.

Operant conditioning is used to decrease a behaviour.

Your dog jumps on you and you ignore the behaviour, turning and walking away.

The behaviour (jumping) leads to the consequence (being ignored) and the behaviour decreases.

Owners want to be able to walk their dogs, have them come when called and be good citizens at the end of the lead. No one likes or wants an uncontrollable pet.” Using force free methods works!


  • Dog and Puppy Training.
  • Brisbane based classes are run in various locations
  • We have trainers available in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast
  • Ongoing Education for the life of your dog
  • Private training with our experienced trainers in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast to work with owners and their pets with behavioural issues while in the animal’s own home.
  • Skype/Face Time training sessions for people outside of Brisbane and the Gold Coast
  • Animal First Aid Courses for the general public and other people within the industry
  • Training Assistance dogs
  • Training teams for the Mater Therapy Program
  • Desensitization programs for Vet Visits
  • Electronic Resources (E- Books) available for the public
  • Pet Services Including: Pet Sitting, Pet Visits and Dog Walking
  • Crate Hire – Not suitable for airline travel
  • Seminars and Webinars
  • School Visits with our wonderful dogs
  • Educational Institution Affiliations to provide placement opportunities for students studying in the animal industry

At Positive Response as a business, we endeavour to provide an excellent standard of service to the whole community by ensuring our staff are well trained.

Our staff are thoroughly trained and must complete an external national qualification of cert IV in Companion Animal Services or higher.

Positive Response has become a household name and we are proud of our achievements!