Puppy Playgroups

Puppy/Older Puppy Playgroup – Puppies from 8 weeks to 6 months

Positive Response understands the importance of early puppy to puppy socialisation as well as good play skills leading into adulthood.

Play is only one aspect of socialising your puppy and good integration with other puppies with same or similar play styles is highly recommended. This teaches them further bite inhibition, good social manners in reading body language and learning when to jump and play and when to stop.

While play is incorporated into our puppy school curriculum, we offer play outside of the class in a dedicated play group.

These Playgroups are FREE for all current Positive Response Clients that are either booked to commence a course or currently attending one of our courses.

 If you are not booked in one of our courses you are  WELCOME to attend Playgroup for a fee of $30 per play session.  Click here to book into our courses.

  • Please note that vaccinations MUST be provided upon registration online or emailed to: info@positiveresponse.net.au
  • If your puppy looks 0r is unwell do NOT bring them to play groups as this is how viruses can spread. Remember play groups are like school, an unwell puppy can make others unwell.

What to Expect – See Our Rules

  • COVID-19 Rules apply
  • Must arrive 5 minutes prior to play
  • Puppy must be on collar/harness and lead
  • Please ensure you have liked our FACEBOOK page.
  • Should weather cause us to cancel our play groups we will post up a notice. If it is raining classes still proceed but Playgroups WILL be cancelled.
  • If your puppy is unsuitable for Playgroup (fear aggressive or unable to cope in a large group environment etc.) the trainer will either provide options (behind a barrier or held in arms) or may ask you to go home if your puppy is too stressed.
  • Not all puppies and dogs get along. Our qualified trainers will be actively observing the playgroup to intervene where necessary.  Trainers are constantly assessing the dynamics of the group and may make decisions to separate or have you hold your puppy to settle them.  From time-to-time pups will let the others know if they have gone too far. If you have any concerns about the noises or play style of your puppy, don’t be afraid to chat to the staff as they observe your pup in play.

Upcoming Playgroups
Our Playgroups are scheduled on our Book Now page – you can enrol here.

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