Puppy Playgroups

Puppy/Older Puppy Playgroup – for puppies from 8 weeks to 6 months of age

At Positive Response we understand the importance of early socialisation of puppies as well as continued socialisation and good play skills into adulthood. Unsocialised puppies grow up to be unsocialised dogs with a myriad of behavioural problems that could all be easily avoided with regular interaction with people and other dogs.

For this reason we offer regular Playgroups. These Playgroups are FREE for all Positive Response Clients that are currently enrolled in our part 1, 2 or 3 courses. If you not currently booked in or attending one of our classes, you are WELCOME to attend Playgroup for a fee of $15 per play session.  Click here to book into our courses.

Please note that vaccinations MUST be bought with you for entry on the day.

If your puppy looks unwell do NOT bring them to play groups as this is how viruses can spread. Remember play groups are like school, an unwell puppy can make others unwell.

(Bookings close 4pm on the Friday prior to Playgroup. Playgroup is run every fortnight)

What to Expect – See Our Rules

  • Must arrive at 8:40 am (Late arrivals will not be permitted!)
  • Collar/harness and lead
  • Bring Current vaccination certificate – MUST OR NO ENTRY 
  • Some yummy treats
  • Your own water bowl and water bottle (minimises risk)
  • Bring Poo Bag
  • You MUST wear enclosed shoes. Failing to do so will mean you are not permitted onto the premise during the play session
  • Please ensure you have liked our FACEBOOK page should weather cause us to cancel our play groups we will post up a notice. If it is raining classes still proceed but Playgroups WILL be cancelled.

If your puppy is unsuitable for Playgroup (fear aggressive or unable to cope in a large group environment etc.)  If you are unsure if your puppy or dog will be suitable, please contact the office during office hours.

Not all puppies and dogs get along. Our qualified trainers will be actively observing the playgroup to intervene where necessary.  Trainers are constantly assessing the dynamics of the group and may make decisions to separate, move a pup to the other play area, give a pup a “cooling off” period, or completely remove them from play. From time-to-time pups will let the others know if they have gone too far. If you have any concerns about the noises or play style of your puppy, don’t be afraid to chat to the staff as they observe your pup in play.

If your puppy is deemed unsuitable for playgroups,we can arrange alternative training.

Upcoming Playgroups
Playgroups are run fortnightly and you can enrol from the Monday before.

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