Professional Dog & Puppy Walk and Train in Brisbane

Walk and Train dog walking

Walk and Train dog walking available in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast, assists people who have busy lives and are time poor.

As an owner you are often left feeling guilty that you have not provided quality time or training for your pets. 

Are you unable to walk your dog as much as much as you like and struggle with them being over stimulated, biting at the lead, jumping all over you and pulling so much on lead that walking is no longer enjoyable and has become a chore.

The solution is here!

Our Professional Dog Walking service is a specialised training service where our experienced staff come to your home to work with your dog on the basics of loose lead walking.  You do not need to be home. We provide a meet and greet prior to the service commencing so that your dog is comfortable with us entering the property. 

  • Experienced dog walkers
  • Training in basic loose lead walking skills
  • Training basic manners in public
  • Training in improved focus
  • Desensitization to lead and harness
  • Quality time with your pet

** Please note: Travel, Sunday and public holiday surcharges may apply and tolls where applicable. The office will contact you and you will be billed separately. Please note that specific trainers requested may not be available for your booking.*

Walking equipment to suit your dog that stops pulling instantly (To check out our award-winning Harmony Harness click here.)

NOTE: This service is for dogs with Mild or No reactivity.

For dog’s with high to extreme reactivity on lead please book in for private training. 

Our experienced staff are in high demand and so at peak holiday periods availability may be limited. Please book well in advance where possible to ensure you secure your booking.

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