Don’t just rub their nose in it! House Soiling in adult Dogs

Whilst we are all very familiar with the concept of toilet training, especially when it comes to new puppies, the lesser known occurrence of adult dogs toileting in the house can be frustrating for everyone!

Whilst we might instinctively think that an older dog urinating or defecating inside the home may be their attempt at protest or a means to punish us in return for being punished themselves, this idea would in fact never be the case.

More often than not adult in-home soiling potentially relates to physical issues such as irritable bowel or urinary tract infection or behavioural issues such as anxiety or fear.

In some cases it can even just be as simple as your dog not having easy enough access to a toileting area or not being let outside regularly for toilet time, especially true in winter where we are likely to spend longer periods indoors.

This is certainly a behaviour that can be addressed and rectified with the right training and support from your qualified Positive Response Dog Trainer – take a look at some in-home training solutions that are designed exactly for issues such as this by clicking here.