Assistance Dogs

“MindDog assists mental health sufferers to procure, train and certify psychiatric service dogs. Many people who live with mental health disorders find the world to be a difficult place. A MindDog can provide practical and emotional support.” – mindDog Australia

Assistance Therapy Dogs Brisbane“People with depression, anxiety or agoraphobia can find that a MindDog allows them to leave the house, exercise, take their medications on time or something as simple as going to the shops. A MindDog can provide support and comfort during a panic attack or a reality check with Post Traumatic Stress flashbacks.”

Psychiatric Service Dogs must be thoroughly trained in basic obedience to verbal and/or hand signals (sit, stay, heel, down and come) in both on and off leash scenarios.

Positive Response Dog Training are the preferred trainers for MindDog. We can help you with all training requirements needed for your dog to become a certified service dog.

Positive Response Dog Training offers Public Access Testing with Dee Scott (Certified Public Access Tester).

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