Meet Our Staff

Business Owner

Meet Our Team- Dee

Name: Dee Scott

Status: Business Owner / Master Trainer

Why Create Positive Response?

I have always had a passion for animals and training from a very young age. Moving to Canberra I started a long public service career and as a hobby, joined the local pony club and the companion dog club as an instructor and competitor. Training and competing in both, life seemed complete. In 1998, I won a position with AQIS as a detection dog handler and moved to Victoria. It was a fulfilling career working with scent detection dogs and with my passion for teaching and competing, I joined the first positive dog training club in Keillor.
Positive Response was born in Melbourne as a part time venture to serve the further need of the community. Moving to Brisbane the business grew rapidly from a small part time concern to what it is today. As someone who has grown up in business and customer service, I recognized the need for quality professional trainers within the Brisbane area and have developed a fantastic team of trainers.

Highlights of My Career:

  • Worked as a Quarantine Detection (sniffer) dog Handler at Melbourne International Airport with my detector dog Phantom and training other handlers and their dogs. “Watching Border Security is exactly what my average day in the office was like”.
  • Competing and winning in obedience with my dog Isaac
  • Teaching in many obedience clubs over the years
  • One of the first to introduce FLYBALL, a fantastic dog sport, to Australia whilst living in Canberra
  • Appeared on The Bert Newton Show and Channel 9, and in many local newspapers and editorials.


  • Approved Guide Hearing and Assistance Dog Trainer (2015)
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (2014)
  • Certificate IV in Dog Behavioural Training (2000)
  • AQIS Detection Dog Handler (2000)
  • Companion Dog Club Level 1 Trainer (1992)
  • Pet Dog Ambassador Assessor (PPG)
  • Apply First Aid (Kept Current)


  • 100 Faces Of Small Business Recognition (2018)
  • Paws and Claws Awards – Top Trainer (2011)
  • Paws and Claws Awards – Greatest Pet Product (2011)
  • Paws and Claws Awards – Top Trainer (2010)
  • BA Awards – People’s Choice ( 2010)
  • Paws and Claws Awards – Greatest Pet Product (2010)
  • BA Awards – Best Home Based Business (2009)


Name: Shelley Fellows

Status: Qualified Delta Professional Dog Trainer

What led you to Positive Response?

I have always had a passion for working with young children and animals. After graduating high school, I pursued a profession as a teacher, and worked in the education industry for almost a decade. My work life was almost complete; however I still had this active passion for animals and felt that I could integrate two careers somehow. I began researching different roles within the animal industry and fell in love with the behavioural aspects of dog training. I met Dee in 2010 and she mentored me as I furthered my education through the Delta Training Program. I have since completed in house and external study for recognized qualifications and professional development within the industry.

I conduct Private Training consults where behavioural modification programs are developed to reflect the complex needs of dogs and their families and work closely with Veterinarians and Veterinary Behaviorists’ where required to ensure the best outcome for clients.  My specialist services within the industry are reflected by my knowledge and experience in working with both children and animals. I assist breeders and new puppy families to incorporate and sustain habituation and training programs, where positive child-dog interactions are developed through appropriate activities and training. This creates harmonious living for all family members.

Further professional development has enabled me to train psychiatric service teams to Public Access Testing level, where handlers are able to experience the full physical and emotional benefits of having their dogs assist them in all aspects of their lives. I specifically enjoy helping children learn and grow with their Service Dogs and witnessing the rewards that they and their families reap.  I have a strong development in mental health and a personal understanding of the needs of my service teams.  This work is conducted under Guide Hearing and Assistance Dogs Act 2009.

My work is complex and ever-changing; I thrive on challenges and am fulfilled in my career. I continue to undergo constant professional development within my field to further my skills as a trainer.


  • Emotional Coaching Course Completion (2018)
  • Behaviour Management Parenting Course – 1,2,3 Magic (2018)
  • Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services (2015)
  • Certificate IV in Children’s Services (2002)
  • Senior First Aid and CPR (Kept Current)
  • Animal First Aid (Dogs and Cats)
  • Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety

Name: Loretta Yip

Status: Qualified Dog Trainer

What led you to Positive Response?

My love of dogs sprang from a very young age and I have spent a lot of time learning how to communicate with them. Studying professionally I completed my  cert iv in companion animal services. I then worked in a canine facility and became fascinated with behaviour. To further educate myself I then studied and completed a Diploma in Canine Behaviour.

I am so happy to have found Positive Response Dog Training which truly upholds the ideology and methods of force free training and look forward to a long and happy career with them.


  • Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services (2018)
  • Pet First Aid (2019)
  • Diploma in Canine Behaviour with Distinction (2019)

Name: Domineque Hone

Status: Qualified Delta Professional Dog Trainer

What led you to Positive Response?

My passion for animals and animal welfare started as a child. In 2006 I travelled to Europe and settled for a few years in Ireland. It was here that I began to pursue my dream of working with animals and animal welfare, having been provided an opportunity to work with the Dublin Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (DSPCA). I stayed with DSPCA for approximately four years, working with all kinds of animals, from the sick and injured to the unfortunate dumped ones left behind by their owners.

When I returned home to Australia, Sydney, I immediately volunteered my time with RSPCA. With a confident passion for working to improve the lives of animals I committed to a career which provided me an avenue to pursue this goal. To further enhance my career, I enrolled in the Delta Society Australia Certificate IV –in Companion animal training and Behaviour.

While completing the two-and-a-half-year course I was employed as the manager and trainer in a dog day-care in Sydney, while also volunteering as a trainer at the Eastern Suburbs Dog club in Centennial park each Sunday morning to extend and build on my experiences.

After completing my certificate in 2009 I started my own dog walking and training business in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, building a reputation as one of Sydney’s preferred positive reward-based trainers before moving to Brisbane in 2018.
My passion and goal as a Behavioural trainer are to help people better understand their dogs and their behaviours and to teach them to build strong connections and trust.

I have also had the great pleasure of volunteering my time to work with Taiwan’s endangered Formosan Bears that has given me invaluable experience alongside training other animals such as chickens, cats and goats.


  • Terry Ryan’s Advanced Criteria and Cueing Chicken Camp 2017
  • K9 Nose work 2016
  • Certificate of Excellence for Living & Learning with Animals – The Science & Technology of Behaviour Change – November 2015
  • Completed Dangerous Dogs Assessing and Handling: Steve Austin 2013
  • Terry Ryan’s Chicken Camp 2013
  • Nose work at Australian Canine Sports and Training Centre 2013
  • Delta Society Australia Certificate IV in Companion Animal Training and Behaviour 2013

Name: Julie Evans

Status: Qualified Delta Professional Dog Trainer

What led you to Positive Response: I was always going to work with animals. As a child I had a mission to rescue stray cats, had a passion for horses, and there were always the family dogs in my life. On completion of year 12 I worked on a large Thoroughbred stud in QLD, then went on to study Horse Husbandry and Management in SA. I spent time in WA working with sporting horses and educating young horses, then educating and showing Welsh ponies back in QLD.

In 2005 I began a mobile hydro-bath and grooming business on the Sunshine Coast, which my husband and I operated for 13 years. During this time I met a wide variety of people and their dogs, who have taught me so much. Wanting to expand my knowledge I enrolled in the Delta Companion Animal Services course, which I completed in 2011. I went on to establish my own training business, running classes and private training sessions. In the last 8 years I have attended multiple conferences, seminars and workshops, run by the APDT and PPG, and various international trainers and experts. In 2017 I relocated to Coffs Harbour NSW to take up the role of carer for both my parents which meant leaving my hydro-bath and training business.

One of the recipients of my knowledge has been Molly, my timid rescue Kelpie/Whippet x. She has gained 3 trick titles, Silver level of CLASS (Canine life and social skills certification), and reached intermediate level in agility class and Rally O. She has accompanied me on weekly visits to a nursing home where she blows me away with her perception and willingness to interact with residents.

This has led to my interest in assistance dogs, and helping people in need gain confidence and reassurance simply by engaging with their dog. A hugely satisfying experience and one I hope to develop further with my association with Positive Response Dog Training.


  • Associate Diploma Horse Husbandry and Management (Richard Maxwell Silver Award – academic), Roseworthy Agricultural College SA
  • Cert II Business Management
  • Cert IV Companion Animal Services, Delta Society
  • Professional member PPG (Merchandising officer)

Name: Shaunel Narain

Status: Trainer / Pet Services Provider

What led you to Positive Response: After exploring other avenues of study such as Business and Psychology I came to find that my true passion lay with animals, specifically their behaviour. I decided to pursue a Bachelor of Zoology which led to my current course in Captive Animal Management. I hope to use the skills I have attained throughout my studies as well as the experience I have gained through volunteering at the RSPCA and animal rescue centres to further enhance my knowledge and understanding of animal behaviour.

Working with Positive Response has been both a wonderful life experience and opportunity. I have studied multiple subjects including business, psychology, animal behaviour and animal management and have spent considerable time volunteering with RSPCA and Wildlife HQ. My study and tools have given me the experience to work with people and their dogs in a variety of fields ranging from teaching classes and working privately with owners on a one to one basis.

Under the continual guidance of my mentor, Dee Scott, I have worked with multiple scenarios in behavioural modification since I started with the company. With this invaluable experience I will continue to work with people and their dogs and provide a service which strengthens the relationships between owners and their companions.

In developing myself further, I now work with the Assistance Dog Program that Positive Response offers, training psychiatric service teams to Public Access Test level under the Guide Hearing and Assistance Dogs Act 2009. Working with these teams is rewarding and fulfilling. It’s wonderful to see handlers flourish and be able to rejoin the community,  go about their daily lives with the full physical and emotional benefits of their dogs to assist them.


  • Certificate IV Captive Animal Management (Ongoing)
  • Bachelor of Zoology – Partially completed (2012)
  • Animal First Aid Course
  • Associate Dog Trainer (PPGA)

Name: Courtney Nicholson

Status: Trainer / Pet Services Provider

What led you to Positive Response:  I have always had a passion for animals, dogs in particular. When Positive Response Dog Training announced that they were looking for trainers, I jumped at the chance as it was exactly what I wanted to do in life!

The passion I have for training and helping others train their own dogs has always been there however it has grown enormously since I started here and I wouldn’t change a thing. It is truly a gift to be able to work with dogs and their owners at not only training, but to also watch them grow and improve and to be able to create a bond.


  • Year 12 Certificate
  • Certificate II in Retail Operations
  • Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services (ongoing)
  • Animal First Aid Certificate
Meet Our Team- Ash

Name: Ashleigh Cheers ‘Ash’

Status: Trainer / Office Administrator / Pet Services Provider

What led you to Positive Response: I came across Positive Response Dog Training in 2008 when I got my first puppy Missy and wanted to teach her the basics. In late 2013 we got a second puppy and I didn’t think twice about booking her into Positive Response. At this point in time I was working in a call centre and hating it! Bringing Zoe along to training was a much needed break each week; I didn’t want her course to end. I decided to have a chat to Dee about joining Positive Response and it changed my world.

Working for Positive Response Dog Training is so rewarding and I’m learning something new every day! You will find me in the office and out in the field and I am currently studying my Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services to further develop my understanding and knowledge of the dog training industry.


  • Certificate II Retail Operations (2015)
  • First Aid and CPR (2015)
  • Animal First Aid Certificate through PRDT (2014)
  • Diploma of Justice Administration (2009)
  • Partial Certificate III Early Childhood Education (2006)
  • Grade 12 Certificate (2005)

Name: Lauren Maher

Status: Trainer

What led you to Positive Response:  After ten years of working and volunteering in the disability sector, I discovered my true passion was working with animals.  After working ridiculously long hours and being on call for weeks on end, I decided I was missing a furry companion in my life.  Once I got my fur-baby Oreo and took him through training I realised I wanted to help other people ensure their dogs were happy, healthy and well adjusted.

Eventually I would like to use my qualifications in Psychology and background in disability to help owners train their assistance dogs. For a self-confessed crazy dog lady, working at Positive Response Dog Training is a dream come true!


  • Cert IV Companion Animal Studies (Ongoing)
  • Bachelor of Business (Marketing) (2015)
  • Bachelor of Psychological Science (2011)
  • Griffith University Scholarship, Academic Excellence Award (Top 5% Griffith Business School) & Member of Honours College
  • Animal First Aid (2018)

Name: Ingerlisa Matthews ‘Inger’ – CURRENTLY ON MATERNITY LEAVE

Status: Qualified Delta Professional Dog Trainer

What led you to Positive Response: It has been a long road to finding Positive Response. I studied Child Psychology at University in the United States. I was very keen to link my degree to the newly developing field of Animal Assisted Therapy and had a vision of using the natural healing power of pets with children dealing with behavioural issues. After University, I moved to Ireland where the idea of Animal Assisted Therapy was unheard of and focused instead on certifying myself as a Parent Mentor. In that time, I rescued a Labrador called Chief and while rehabilitating him I was drawn back into my passion for animals. When my husband was offered a position in Australia I knew that this move would allow me to continue my chosen career path. Brisbane was our chosen destination and after searching the internet I found Dee. She agreed to train and teach me, as well as mentor me through my Delta training program. I have finally come full circle and can apply my knowledge to help owners and their dogs in any behavioural capacity.


  • Certificate IV Companion Animal Services (2012)
  • Certificate of Attainment from Positive Response Dog Training (2011)
  • Diploma in Parent Mentoring (2010)
  • Apply First Aid (Kept Current)
  • Jan Fennel Foundation Course in Canine Communication (2008)
  • Foundation Course in Counselling (2006)
  • Bachelor of Science in Child Psychology (2001)
  • Associative Arts Degree in Liberal Arts (1999)


Name: Alexandria Scott ‘Alex’

Status: Office Administration / Pet Services Provider

What led you to Positive Response: I am fortunate to have grown up in the animal industry, as Dee Scott is my mum. When she started the business, I was of an age that I could assist and as I love animals, it was a natural step. I am mainly office based or out walking your pets or pet sitting for you.


  • Diploma of Community Services Work (2016)
  • Apply First Aid (Ongoing)
  • Animal First Aid Certificate through PRDT (2013)
  • A+TSI Workshop – Certificate of Participation (2013)
  • Grade 12 Certificate (2012)

Name: Krystal Odegaard

Status: Pet Services Provider

What led you to Positive Response: I have been working in the Pathology industry for 10 years. A couple years ago I decided I wanted to redirect my career. I have always had a passion for animals, dogs in particular so I decided to make a career change that would allow me to work closely with animals.

I thought I would start by volunteering my time with RSPCA and Australia Zoo, after every volunteer shift I felt rewarded and that I had made a difference to something very important to me. It was then I decided to embark on the journey to become a Veterinarian Nurse. Whilst studying, I received an opportunity to sit in on a dog training class with Positive Response. I was mesmerised.  I was amazed with how Dee and her team were able to communicate with the clients and dogs they were training with great ease. I knew straight away that I wanted to join the Positive Response Team.

Although relatively new to the team, I have already gained knowledge and skills that will help me make a massive difference in the animal world. It is rare to be able to go to work and enjoy every moment. With Positive Response they have helped me achieve this goal among many others.


  • Currently studying Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing through Open Colleges

Animal First Aid Trainer

Name: Emma Burgess

Status: Vet Nurse (Animal First Aid)

What led you to Positive Response?

I grew up rural and was always surrounded by dogs, cats, horses, cattle and chickens. I believe my first word was “dog” (well is should have been!) I grew up with a chocolate border collie named Elmo and a Kelpie named Zoey. Elmo and Zoey were my best friends. I use to sneak them into my bedroom, so they didn’t have to sleep outside, share my dinner with them and tell them everything.

Unfortunately, I have hit some roadblocks with my mental health at different times in my life, Elmo and Zoey were always there at the ready, to give me kisses, listen and provide unspoken support.  Animals have helped me beyond words so I knew I always wanted to repay the life debt and help them. I started Veterinary Nursing in 2015 and have never looked back.

I now want to help dog in another way, by helping their owners understand their fur-friends body language, help with behaviour problems and also to give owners the knowledge of what to do in a life-threatening emergency.


  • Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing (ACM40412)
  • First Aid Certificate
  • Wound Management (ACVN short course)
  • Cert III Performance horse management
  • Certificate III Business administration


  • 2016 Australian College of Veterinary Nursing (ACVN) student of the year
  • 2 Year’s experience working in a rural emergency small animal hospital
  • Head Nurse and practice manager for 2 years at Fortitude Valley Vet
  • Owner of the most handsome dog (Thorin)


Name: Isobel Morse

Status: Trainer in training

What led you to Positive Response: 

I have always been passionate about animals since a young age. I first got into animal training at around 14 years old, working with horses. As I gained experience I began working with an off the track racehorse with behavioral issues and lack of socialisation. This opportunity taught me a lot of valuable lessons about animal training and how, through positive reinforcement, you can  achieve results in a more harmonious environment.


  • Year 12 Certificate
  • Bronze level Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • Certificate II in Hospitality