Why Training is Critical

People often complain that their dogs are reactive or destructive or won’t walk nicely on a lead yet don’t think to train them. Unfortunately for us they do not come preprogramed and effort is required to have a harmonious family home with a well-trained pet..

A trained dog is less destructive in and around the home and owners have good control of them. All dogs need good leadership and at Positive Response Dog Training YOU can acquire all the skills to set your dog up with life training and end up with a happy, healthy, behaviourally well-adjusted pet – one who fits in comfortably with your family!

Dog owners generally fit into these areas below:

  • New to owning a dog or puppy?
  • Had dogs/puppies before and this one is very different
  • Thought you were equipped with enough information, and then your dog or puppy has developed behaviours that you are not sure what to do with.
  • Need to train up a dog for specific behaviours or role such as a MindDog.

Group training sessions with qualified trainers are invaluable for ALL dogs and puppies and for YOU the owner. Here’s why:

  • YOU get the most up-to-date training techniques
  • Support and guidance for any behaviour that your puppy or dog presents
  • Socialisation for your puppy, This encompasses safe play group sessions as well as the training itself which is a valuable part of socialisation
  • Building confidence in your adult dog around other dogs, people and different environments.
  • Build your confidence in handling your dog around others
  • Peace of mind that you are not alone!