Shaunel Narain

What led you to Positive Response: After exploring other avenues of study such as Business and Psychology I came to find that my true passion lay with animals, specifically their behaviour. I decided to pursue a Bachelor of Zoology which led to my current course in Captive Animal Management. I hope to use the skills I have attained throughout my studies as well as the experience I have gained through volunteering at the RSPCA and animal rescue centres to further enhance my knowledge and understanding of animal behaviour.

Working with Positive Response has been both a wonderful life experience and opportunity. I have studied multiple subjects including business, psychology, animal behaviour and animal management and have spent considerable time volunteering with RSPCA and Wildlife HQ. My study and tools have given me the experience to work with people and their dogs in a variety of fields ranging from teaching classes and working privately with owners on a one to one basis.

Under the continual guidance of my mentor, Dee Scott, I have worked with multiple scenarios in behavioural modification since I started with the company. With this invaluable experience I will continue to work with people and their dogs and provide a service which strengthens the relationships between owners and their companions.

In developing myself further, I now work with the Assistance Dog Program that Positive Response offers, training psychiatric service teams to Public Access Test level under the Guide Hearing and Assistance Dogs Act 2009. Working with these teams is rewarding and fulfilling. It’s wonderful to see handlers flourish and be able to rejoin the community,  go about their daily lives with the full physical and emotional benefits of their dogs to assist them.


  • Certificate IV Captive Animal Management (Ongoing)
  • Bachelor of Zoology – Partially completed (2012)
  • Animal First Aid Course
  • Associate Dog Trainer (PPGA)