Krystal Odegaard

What led you to Positive Response: 

I have been working in the Pathology industry for 10 years. A couple years ago I decided I wanted to redirect my career. I have always had a passion for animals, dogs in particular so I decided to make a career change that would allow me to work closely with animals.

I thought I would start by volunteering my time with RSPCA and Australia Zoo, after every volunteer shift I felt rewarded and that I had made a difference to something very important to me. It was then I decided to embark on the journey to become a Veterinarian Nurse. Whilst I was on my journey I got an opportunity to have a closer look into the dog training world with Positive Response Dog Training, from the moment I watched my first class with Positive Response I was mesmerized. I thought it was an interesting and important skill to gain knowledge on animal behaviour and to be able to read animal body language. I was amazed with how Dee and her team were able to communicate with the dogs they were training with great ease. I knew straight away that I wanted to join the Positive Response Team.

Although I am new to the team, I have already gained knowledge and skills that will help me make a massive difference in the animal world. It is rare to be able to go to work and enjoy every moment. With Positive Response they have helped me achieve this goal among many others.   


  • Currently studying Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing through Open Colleges