Jayda Huysing

What led you to Positive Response?

I have always had a great love and interest in animals. I studied Veterinary nursing in 2014, and in 2015 I started working full-time as a veterinary nurse. In 2017 I started teaching puppy school, and it continues to be the highlight of my job! I have grown and learned a lot in my time as a vet nurse, and continue to enjoy looking after patients, working together as a team and learning more about animal behaviour every day.

With the arrival of my own puppy a few years into my career, I was eager to learn as much as possible about dog behaviour. This led me to further study with the Delta Institute, where I am completing my Certificate IV in Animal Behaviour and Training.

I met Dee and was introduced to Positive Response Dog Training, commenced placement in July 2022 and have been overjoyed to teach classes since April 2023. I enjoy meeting families and their canine companions, facilitating the human/canine bond and teaching dogs (and their people) using positive reinforcement.


  • Cert 4 Animal Behaviour and Training through Delta Association