Fiona Blake

What led you to Positive Response: I have worked in the Animal Welfare industry for over 20 years. The last 17 of these years I have worked as an Animal Rehabilitation Trainer with the RSPCA QLD. I have worked primarily with abused, neglected, abandoned and aggressive dogs with the RSPCA. Dogs who needed intense behavioural rehabilitation programs in order to hopefully be rehomed and to try and undo some of the damage that has been done. In this time, I have worked closely with the RSPCA inspectorate attending many large-scale raids, I have worked with countless Veterinary behaviorists from all over the world, visited many shelters in the states. I have worked with councils, rescue organisations and dog trainers, which is how I met Dee many years ago!

In my years working in animal Welfare, I have always respected and recommended Positive response dog training, Dee is well known and respected in dog training world, so I was sure that this was the right fit for me when the opportunity came up. Positive response have the same values I do when it comes to dog training and dealing with pets which is important to me.
Animal Welfare and rescue dogs will always be my passion and I hope to incorporate the two, to bring my wealth and knowledge of rescue animals to Positive Response Dog Training. I am also extremely excited to be working with people who love and care for their pets, who only want the best and are willing to work with them to give them a better life. I find it unbelievably rewarding to walk away from a job, knowing i’ve helped keep a pet in a home, strengthen a bond, to help an owner understand their dog or puppy better, to know a dog is feeling calmer and is on the right path to a long, happy life in a home after my visit. There is no greater feeling for me.


  • Animal First Aid (Dogs and Cats)
  • Cert III in Kennel and cattery Practices (1998)
  • Cert IV in companion Animal Services (2009)
  • Accredited Behavioural Assessor of the Match up II behavioural assessment