Emma Burgess

What led you to Positive Response?

I grew up rural and was always surrounded by dogs, cats, horses, cattle and chickens. I believe my first word was “dog” (well is should have been!) I grew up with a chocolate border collie named Elmo and a Kelpie named Zoey. Elmo and Zoey were my best friends. I use to sneak them into my bedroom, so they didn’t have to sleep outside, share my dinner with them and tell them everything.

Unfortunately, I have hit some roadblocks with my mental health at different times in my life, Elmo and Zoey were always there at the ready, to give me kisses, listen and provide unspoken support.  Animals have helped me beyond words so I knew I always wanted to repay the life debt and help them. I started Veterinary Nursing in 2015 and have never looked back.

I now want to help dog in another way, by helping their owners understand their fur-friends body language, help with behaviour problems and also to give owners the knowledge of what to do in a life-threatening emergency.


  • Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing (ACM40412)
  • First Aid Certificate
  • Wound Management (ACVN short course)
  • Cert III Performance horse management
  • Certificate III Business administration


  • 2016 Australian College of Veterinary Nursing (ACVN) student of the year
  • 2 Year’s experience working in a rural emergency small animal hospital
  • Head Nurse and practice manager for 2 years at Fortitude Valley Vet
  • Owner of the most handsome dog (Thorin)