Eden Fraser

What led you to Positive Response?

I first found Positive Response when I was looking for a way to train my future assistance dog, Oliver, and after working closely with our incredible Dee Scott, I’ve never looked back! I am always happy to help with anything you and your pet desires, whether it be pet sitting, dog walking, training classes or puppy play groups!

I am an enthusiastic and bubbly person who is always ready to help out! I’ve always had a passion for animals, especially dogs, so getting the chance to help families live happily with their beloved pups is a dream come true. I hope to help build that relationship between owner and dog where the time spent together is not about saying NO, but saying YES instead!

Before coming to Positive Response I had the privilege of being able to volunteer with a range of different organisations such as RSPCA, BARN and WildCare, learning how to rescue and rehabilitation a range of different wildlife as well as working closely with rescue dogs. I also use to conduct aviary tours, birds are a close second passion of mine! My days now are all spend with dogs as I also work closely at one of our training locations, The Grooming Salon, so I am always ready to answer any questions in regards to your pups coat or grooming!

I hope to continue to learn and grow around the beautiful creatures we call best friend! My dream is to be able to show the average dog owner how incredible their puppy can be with just a bit of work! I look forwards to working with you!