Caitlin Hewlett

What led you to Positive Response?

I grew up with lots of dogs in my life. Everything from ex police dogs to border collies, I found everything about their quirks and nuances interesting. From breed specific traits, all the way down to individual animals, I was constantly trying to figure out different ways to communicate – though as a 5 year old, I can’t say I did much more then practice my barking!
As I grew older, I realised that all I wanted out of life was to be with animals. To work with them, to have pets, to contribute something to their wellbeing.

I started my professional dog training career as a puppy school instructor and found my truest passion – dog training. Seeing puppies come from all walks of life leave with happy, triumphant owners was the highlight of every single class. As my knowledge developed, and I continued to study, I found the best way forward was through positive based dog training. I am now pursuing everything I love with a company that values and respects the sentience of these incredible animals and I look forward to working with Positive Response for a long time


  • Certificate III in Companion Animal Services (ongoing)