Ashley Hicks

What led you to Positive Response?

I’ve always had a passion for working with animals, especially canines and rabbits.

After leaving high school I began studying a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science at Adelaide University, where I learnt a range of different science backed animal industry related subjects, like animal welfare, nutrition, animal law and anatomy. I also hold a Certificate III in Dog Behavioural & Training specializing in scent detection.

Practical experience was gained in the animal industry through the South Australian RSPCA teaching dog training classes.

In 2016 I began volunteering with the South Australian State Emergency Service Canine Search and Rescue team. This experience was invaluable and taught me the importance of having a strong bond with your dog and to trust them.

Moving to Perth in 21 means I can continue my passion in training ,not only with dog training classes but also continue to work with clients privately and with the Assistance dog Program


  • Bachelor of Science (Animal Science) 2019
  • Certificate III In Dog Behaviour & Training (2020)