Harmony Harness Hire Terms

We may sometimes be able to hire out second hand Harmony Harness to give your puppy time to grow. In this instance you agree:

  • To pay a $40 deposit
  • To return the 2nd hand harnesses on the last week of the course – washed
  • If you chose to purchase a new harness -$10 is retained for hire and $30 comes off the total purchase of the harness
  • If you are not purchasing a new harness – then the $40 is retained for the hire of the harness and no monies are refunded.
  • The harness must be washed on the last week of return even though it goes back on the puppy
  • The Harness must be returned in the same condition it was hired in. If the harness has been damaged or destroyed in any way your deposit is forfeited.