Virtual Training

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Positive Response Dog Training now offers Virtual Dog Training via an online platform on your mobile, tablet or computer.

Virtual training is a great option for those living in regional areas or families who are unable to attend group training sessions at our physical venues.

These sessions are suitable for dogs of all ages and all skill levels.

Everyone receives a comprehensive Course Summary + Training Skills Handbook inclusive of helpful videos, for you to refer to later.

Is Dog Training The Answer?

If you find your pooch is having trouble in any of these areas, our dog training could certainly benefit your dog and you. If they:

• Walk you, rather than you walk them

• Require toilet training

• Won’t listen to your commands of “sit”, “stay”, “come”, “drop”.

• Won’t wait or sit when you are putting the food out

• Are very excitable and jump on everyone and everything they see

• Are frightened around other dogs or people or show separation anxiety

• Constantly bark and upset neighbours and your sanity!

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Should You Choose Group Training Or Private Training?


Group sessions are the right choice for most dogs and their owners wanting foundation obedience and training but one-on-one private training may be required if you:

• Are not confident you can control your dog in a group situation

• Need to combat specific issues such as separation anxiety, aggression, toilet training etc.

• Own a dog that is not suitable for classes

• Are unable to commit to group classes

• Wish to involve young children in training with the family dog

Please feel free to call us and discuss the best option to suit your situation.

Client testimonials

    5 star review  Our very cute puppy, a cavoodle, was not behaving him self. He was nipping my children who were young and they were becoming scared of him.He was over excited and jumping on everyone. I wanted a dog that I could trust around children, and they could enjoy a positive experience around. Dee came around to our house and showed us all how to be the boss dog and stop the nipping. Our children responded and so did our dog. Within days he was no longer nipping. We then took him to puppy classes and he loved Dee and her training methods. We all learnt quickly as we all progressed through the class levels. I now have an extremely obedient dog. He is a pleasure to take for walks, he is wonderful with young children, and is fun to live with. Exactly what I wanted from our family pet. Our classes with Dee were fun and easy for us all to follow, Charlie (the dog) loves Dee and is excited when ever he sees her, so I presume he loved the classes too

    thumb Kay Bayly

    5 star review  My puppy Penelope (toy cavoodle) is in training to become my assistance dog. We started our journey with puppy training stage 1 with Shaunel at greenslopes, and have loved it so far! The lessons were great, and we learnt a lot. We are looking forward to the next few stages and hopefully getting that assistance dog jacket!

    thumb Maddie Blaik
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