3 x 30 min Sessions Personal Dog Training

Personal Training (3 x 30 min sessions) have been specifically designed  to fit in with the below programs.

Completing a personal training package (3 x 1 hour) (1 x 1 hour) or 1.5-hour private session can resolve a lot of issues, however it is your dog that sets the pace for learning.  Complex issues require more time and work, where programs are set over a period of months. In this case, these follow on consultations are designed to give you the ongoing guidance that our professional trainers provide with these short practical sessions. 

Walking Training:

If you have a dog that just pulls on lead and you need some short consistent training sessions, then these are just for you. They are held at one of our venues and are a great way to sharpen your skills and teach your dog how to walk nicely by your side.

Single Exercise Issues: (Come When Called, Stay)

You have been working on  basic skills and your pet just is not getting it under certain distractions. Perhaps your dog comes when called except for when its at the beach or it sees a cat.  Stay works only at home but no where else. These short 30 min sessions are great for these training sessions and will sharpen up those skills.

Cars And Your Dog:

If your dog is nervous or unsure about getting into your car, these short sessions are available to assist in habituating them to become more comfortable and even love car rides.

While training is individual, these sessions are not designed to deal with complex behavioural issues as a first port of call. They are designed as follow on sessions from an initial consultation or to cover the basics of walking etc. They are not suitable for dogs with aggression issues towards other dogs or people.  If you are unsure please contact the office on 34592121.

***Travel Fees and Toll Charges may apply, click here to view***

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