Private Training & Behavioural Consultations

Private Training In-Home (1.5 Hour Consultation)

These consultations are ideal for complex behavioural issues  that require additional time and allows our qualified trainers to take a full history, observe and create a modification plan specific to your dogs needs.

These consultations are ideal for the following:

  • Council Barking Complaints
  • Neighbourhood disputes (letters left in letter box – no council complaint yet)
  • Dogs that have bitten people – no matter what level the bite
  • Medium to excessive dog aggression towards other dogs
  • Any dog aggression towards adults and children
  • Separation Anxiety/Distress
  • In- house dog reactivity or aggression (fights over food, toys, owners or space)
  • Dogs not settling around other household pets such as cats, birds or horses
  • Any other in home issues that you have

What’s involved in a Private Lesson?

Your trainer will conduct a FULL Behavioural Assessment and will:

  • Discuss your needs and concerns
  • Observe you and your family interacting with your dog
  • Take a detailed history
  • Set up an immediate behavioural training program
  • Discuss further training
  • Liaise with your vet where required
  • Send you a full report
  • Follow up with you on your progress (via phone and/or email)

Is one Consultation enough?

Please note that your consultation is based around the information you provide us with. There is no such thing as a quick fix. Your dog may require multiple sessions and/or specific products to assist in the modification plan. 

***Travel Fees and Toll Charges may apply, click here to view***

**Please note your booking has NOT been confirmed until you have been contacted directly by the office by SMS or phone call.
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