Position Descriptions

Position Descriptions

Positive Response is looking for people to fill the following roles. Within these roles, please find a short description of the service that you would be required to provide. Training is provided in the form of online module and practical assessments.

To apply  – Please see each section for how to apply. Where it states email, include your resume and a brief cover letter outlining why you are the best person for the role you have chosen to info@positiveresponse.net.au

*Job Applicants will only be received by email. Please do NOT contact us by phone. 

**If you are applying for one of these roles, you must provide a criminal history check. This is mandatory.

Dog Trainers

  • Are you passionate about dogs, their behaviour and educating the public?
  • Vacancy available for the right person.
  • Teaching small group classes with potential for growth towards one-on-one behavioural consultations with clients.
  • Probationary and Training period applies

Essential –

  • Must understand dog behaviour
  • Have the ability to teach classes and build rapport with clients (a people person!)
  • Either have a Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services or equivalent or willing to undertake study.
  • Ability to work in a fast paced team environment
  • Must be able to follow directions and comply with Standard Operational Procedures
  • Must be willing to work week nights and weekends
  • Must have current driver’s license and access to a vehicle
  • Must work with reward based training
  • Must have access to Internet and Microsoft office suite
  • Email only to info@positiveresponse.net.au

Placement Student – Please contact your Educational Facility to apply

  • If you are currently undertaking a certificate II – IV in companion animal studies/services, we can offer placement. Currently we are partnered with Open Colleges, Animals On Course and can take students from Delta Institute.
  • Open College Students – Must contact open colleges for placement.
  • Animals On Course students – Must contact Animals on Course for placement
  • Delta Institute – Please ensure you receive a letter from the institute stating you have requested placement with positive response. Email this with a cover letter to info@positiveresponse.net.au 

Pet Sitting

This includes:

  • Living in overnight at a client’s property to care for their dogs and/or other pets.
    Arriving at the house sit between 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm
  • Leaving by no later than 8.00 am each day
  • Feeding all pets as per instructions
  • Cleaning- picking up faeces/washing/refilling water bowls
  • Administering  any medication required
  • Walking dogs as directed
  • Security checks upon entering and leaving, bring in the mail, take out/bring in garbage bins, water plants as requested

Pet Visits

This includes:

  • Security checks upon entering and leaving, bring in the mail, take out/bring in garbage bins
  • Feeding as per owners request
  • Cleaning- picking up faeces/washing/refilling water bowls
  • Administering  any medication required
  • Walking/play sessions as directed
  • Care for cats and other small animals such as fish, mice, birds

Dog Walking

This includes:

  • Security checks upon entering and leaving
  • Walking dog/s
  • Training as we walk them in basic loose lead walking skills, focus and manners